Message from the Director

Dear Reader,

During tenure in Bank of Baroda I felt the need of awareness in the competitive exams in this area.

I had been with nationalized bank for 26 years and retired voluntarily before normal retirement age. Since then I trained students for various entry levels exams. I definitely felt the need for the same for the students of the area and surroundings. When we started there was no such institute for the said purpose in East Ahmadabad. Students had to travel to distant places for the same and as we initiated to train them locally and as we get a great response from students and parents. We worked in different shifts and different methods.

Until now we have trained more than thousands of students for various exams like UPSC/GPSC/STAFF SELECTION/RAILWAYS/NDA/CDS/BANKING SECTOR and many more.. Quite a number of them successfully passed the exams and got selected by different Govt. Bodies. At the last count more than 80 percent students got selected in various departments. Today most of the people in this area are happy about the educational needs we provide as our brand received overwhelming response from local people by their acceptance.

We give the focus in providing personal guidance and individual attention. We also aim to do research and studies regarding developing easy and student centric methods of mentoring and over the years we have learned quite much in the field.

We are totally committed to provide such innovative training methods for the coming decades. We also have received many National and Regional level Excellence Awards for the same as well as recognized us internationally for assuring the best results for the same.

I Navin D Patel and my team are taking personal attention and devotion of our full time for the making the career of our students and we believe that

“We have nothing on luck, except hard work”
Navin D Patel
(An Ex-Banker)